If you want to protect yourself from the risk of damage or loss of your vehicle, we offer:

Full CASCO. The most complete protection of the car against all risks. It is important that it is a universal insurance product with maximum number of options that you can choose to take better account of your own requirements. Significant advantages of the product are:
• no restrictions on age, driving experience, the conditions of storage and usage of vehicle, protection against theft from any place and at any time;
• Insurance “not wear” not new vehicle, with the possibility of insuring nonaggregate insured sum, no deductible for hijacking, without providing official reference to a certain extent by choice, etc .;
• lack of penalties upon the occurrence of damages; on the contrary – discounts for cars without damage history;
• reimbursement of additional costs (car evacuation from the accident place, payment for examinations and certificates, etc.);
• The fair insurance premium, which is installed with the consent of the parties with adequate risk assessment; The parties have the right to defend their positions on the price of insurance services (you have the right to seek a lower price!).
Standard insurance rates start from 4% (for Kiev from 4.8%) for the year of insurance.

Special programs CASCO. In order to reduce the financial burden on our customers are offered special programs CASCO:
• «Before the first insurance case.” Provides indemnity for one case. Cases by decision of the Insured (your decision).
• «CASCO 50/50.” Full coverage of insured car with payment reduced by almost half of the insurance payment. For the insurance indemnity payment is required such as additional insurance payment. So decided by the Insured.
• «Working Days” and “Weekends, holidays, days off.” Programs provide coverage on the dates indicated.
• «accident+», «CASCO without stealing». Insurance protection of few risks or risk groups.
• «Winner». VIP-insurance program for cars valued more than 1.5 million UAH.
• «With liability for more damages». Insurance of losses that exceed the stipulated amount.
• «CASCO lean». Compensated for the cost of repairing the client’s car of insurance company “BROKBUSINESS” if the client is guilty party, as an insurance policy (OICL) he bought does not protect his own car. The program is designed for vehicles of any age, fixed insurance claims that are not dependent on the value of the car, take into account the presence or absence of fault drivers and other road accidents, payments are made without franchise.
• «CASCO minimal». Given the risks of non-injured in an accident insurance claims on OICL, the program guarantees compensation of losses clients of insurance companies “BROKBUSINESS”, found not guilty in an accident, from the insurance company. The cheapest one. There is an analogue direct settlement of insurance claims for OICL, a voluntary type of insurance CASCO. This program Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” also protects policyholders, who have OICL policies of other insurance companies.
• «CASCO expedient». The program summarizes the previous two programs, because does not carry features associated with the presence or absence of fault in an accident.

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