Voluntary third party liability (general agreement)

Liability insurance is a reliable way to protect property interests of individuals and businesses (legal entities) related to the duty to compensate the damage caused by the insured life and / or health and / or property of third parties.

Such kind of civil liability can be insured:

For Insurer physical (including a business activity) or legal entity connected with:

  • possession and or use of property (movable and immovable) as owner, lessee;
  • possession / use of animals except dogs;
  • Rest, including personal amateur sports activities;
  • responsible for the quality and the final result of service provision and work – professional liability;
  • maintenance of children (only for insurers – individuals). Thus, in accordance with the insurance contract shall be subject to compensation damages that are the result of unintentional actions of minors and minor children, including adopted children and wards of the Insured.

For the Insurer legal entity or physical person who is the subject of business activities related to:

  • implementation stipulated by the charter, another founding document or license of economic activity, including the use of small-scale automation – general civil liability;
  • damage to life and / or health / health and property of persons who are with the Insured in labor relations, including life, health, health and property of its members, staff personnel and other persons who, in accordance with agreements with the Insured are to these labor relations – the responsibility of the employer;
  • environmental damage resulting from the use of materials and components, as a result of the location of the enterprise, due to the nature of the process and safety standards, with the exception of liability for waste – environmental liability;
  • the responsibility of the Insurer as a producer – for the quality of products, namely the collection of all the acts and / or omissions of the insurer as a result of which produced low-quality (defective) product, which caused damage to third parties upon its transfer into operation – the responsibility of producers.
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