Voluntary MTPL

Voluntary MTPL. Voluntary insurance is complementary to obligatory insurance of car liability OICL. MTPL policy of voluntary liability insurance provides compensation for damage due to accident, if its size exceeds the sum insured, provided liability insurance policy tool.

In this case, if the payments provided liability insurance policy tool, not enough to compensate for all the damage caused, produced the highest possible payout for OILC policies, and the other part of the harm (abuse) will be recovered under the terms of the policy MTPL.

The insured sum (limit of liability of the Insurer) according to the the policy MTPL selected by the Insured in the range from 25 thousand UAH. to 500 thousand UAH.

The cost of insurance depends on the list of risks (type of injury) and the cost of obligatory insurance of car liability OICL.

To calculate the cost of the policy MTPL Calculator

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