Voluntary insurance of inventory (VII)

Insurance accepts:

Inventories, namely:
• products, goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, materials,
• goods in circulation,
• products in progress,
such as: food, alcoholic beverages, household appliances, computers and office equipments, building materials, textile and footwear products, paper, cardboard, etc., vehicles in stock or in the cabin, metallurgical products, s / s products, flammable and reserves al.

Insurance risks:
• Fire, explosion, lightning strike; falling aircraft;
• Natural disasters (tornado, hurricane, storm, storm, typhoon, avalanches, mudslides, landslides, mudflows, floods, rain, hail, earthquake, falling trees, stones);
• The impact of water supply, sewerage and heating systems, the flooding of adjacent premises;
• Illegal actions of third parties: the occurrence of loss due to vandalism, theft, robbery or robbery, mayhem;
• Hitting with moving equipment

The insured sum shall be equal to the real value from the maximum (or average) loading warehouse / shop floor.

Insurance conditions:
If the insurance contract has no other points, inventories are insured according to the terms of “proportional payments” (insurance compensation in proportion to the insured sum with respect to the value of the goods at the time of the insured case). The establishment of the insured sum in the amount of the maximum load required by the Insured paying higher premiums, but to avoid underinsurance (get paid in the amount of actual damages).
For collateralized property insurance inventory possible “on a constant balance.” At the conclusion of the contract of insurance policyholder indicates the insured sum according to the collateral value of inventories. When the insured case payment of insurance compensation is carried out in the amount of the difference between the value of the insured sum and the value of all goods that are left intact and those that were damaged but usable (have a residual value).

Franchise – 1.0% of the insured sum. It is possible to reduce the rate by increasing unconditional franchise.

Insurance rate: depends on the value of the insured property, the age and technical characteristics of the building, where it is stored, the presence / absence of security funds and fire safety, the selected deductible and can range from 0.16% of the insured sum.

Benefits of Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”:
• If security equipment and fire safety exist at the place. The Insured receives a discount.
• It is possible to reduce the rate by increasing unconditional franchise.
• Ability to provide installment payment up to four payments, inclusive.
• For Policyholders who are insured according to this type of insurance in the IC “BROKBUSINESS” for 2-3 year discounts are 3% and 5%.
• 24 hours service information by the number 0-800-500-123.

In each case can be calculated individual rate in accordance with the Insurance Regulations.



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