Voluntary accident insurance program «BESHKETNIK/Varmint»

The program provides coverage for children – kindergarten age (2 years) and students (under 18 years).

 Accident is sudden, random, short-term case, independent of the will of the insured person, in fact, took place as a result of which occurred health disorder:

  • traumatic injury;
  • accidental acute poisoning with poisonous plants, chemicals (industrial or household), substandard food, drugs;
  • tick-borne encephalitis (entsefalomielit), polio;
  • fractures (injured) organs or its transplantation (due to incorrect medical manipulations)of the insured person;
  • the death of the insured person.

Accidents are also the cases that led to the impairment of health or death of the insured person:

  • drowning;
  • lightning or electrical shock;
  • bite of poisonous animals or insects, snakes, the penetration of a foreign body;
  • illegal actions of third parties

The insurance conditions

24 hour information consulting and legal support Yes
The term of agreement From 15 days till 1 year
Duration of insurance coverage 24 hours a day or

Only during staying at educational institution

The end of the contract Valid until the expiry or payment of the full insured sum
The insurance amount From 5 000 to 20 000 UAH. per every insured person
Insurance protection extends to cases that occurred during sports and active leisure activities Yes
Insurance protection extends to cases that occurred during professional sport, participation in sports competitions No
Payment in the case of injury from 5 to 100%, according to the table “Insurance payments in case of injury or damage to the organs and body parts”


3% of the insured sum for the first 7 days of disability, ranging from 8 days 0.5% of the insured amount for each day of disability, but not more than 50% of the insured amount per claim

Death 100% of the insured sum.
Special conditions  20% discount for insurance of school age children groups from 10 people.


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