The “Voluntary liability insurance of events and shows organizer”

Liability insurance contract will be useful for the organizers of mass, cultural, educational, political, religious and even sporting events.

Insurance subject is the property interests not contradicting the legislation and the reimbursement Insured damage caused to them by third parties in the course of events:

  • Concerts;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Meetings, rallies, demonstrations;
  • Olympics, international and local events;
  • Organized laying flowers during anniversaries;
  • Other events

The insured risk for this insurance program is estimated the event, which is held in case of insurance, which has signs of probability and chance occurrence, namely accidental damage to life, health and / or property of third parties, including due to:

  • Fires, explosions, accidents;
  • Fall of flying objects;
  • The destruction of the structural elements of buildings, structures, decorative elements of premises, falling objects, trees;
  • Harm from the use of pyrotechnics, including fireworks;
  • Technical and organizational shortcomings during the spectacular event (the defects and errors of material and technical support, activities, accommodation of visitors, evacuation plan, etc.).

 The insurance amount is set by agreement between the parties

 The size of the insurance rate depends on:

  • The size of the event
  • It’s regular holding
  • Eevent venues
  • The number of participants
  • Franchises
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