The “Voluntary customs broker (agent) liability insurance”

In accordance with Article 3, “Licensing Conditions for brokering a customs broker” Customs broker must have his own insurance contract activity in an amount not less than 2,000 non-taxable minimum of citizens incomes, that is, 34 000.00 UAH.

 The insurance agreement may be signed by physical or legal persons – customs brokers who have received or are licensed to carry out brokering a customs broker, which is issued by a specially authorized central executive authority in the field of customs.

 Insured risk is a case, which is held in case of insurance, which has signs of probability and chance occurrence, namely incidental damages Insured in the course of an insured activity of damage to third parties, including due to:

  • Losses accompanying documents for the goods / vehicles which are declared;
  • Unintentional mistakes in the declaration of goods and vehicles;
  • Violation of the deadline for the submission of customs declarations for goods and vehicles;
  • Unintentional mistakes in the calculation of customs duties / taxes, delays in customs duties;
  • Disclosure of confidential information. (Covered only if the third party documents to confirm the fact of disclosure of confidential information)
  • Other mistakes or omissions in the provision of services of a customs broker (intermediary), as well as bad quality of customs operations implementation.

 The size of the insurance rate depends on:

– The period of insurance;

– Experience of professional activity;

– The volume of services;

– Qualifications and the life of the professional activity;

– Choose the size of the sum insured (limit of liability);

– Select the size of the franchise;

– Break-even for previous years of insurance.



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