The “Sadyba”

Comprehensive insurance of property liability and animals

Insurers: residents and citizens living in the private sector.
Insurance accepts:
• property (private and summer houses, decoration, movable property, outbuildings);

• animals (cattle, sheep and goats, horses);
• Liability for damage to 3rd parties as a result of ownership by insured animals.

Insurance coverage:

Complete insurance package of property risks, namely:
• Fire, explosion, lightning strike;
• Natural phenomena (tornado, hurricane, storm, landslides, mudflows, floods, flooding, rain, hail, subsidence, flooding groundwater, falling trees, rocks, earthquakes);
• Water Damage due to accident of water-supply, sewage, heating, fire protection systems and liquid penetration from neighboring premises;
• IATP, illegal actions of third parties (ruffianism, theft, robbery or robbery, mayhem or vandalism);
• Hitting with moving equipment.

Complete insurance package of animals risks, namely: death / forced slaughter in an accident, illness, abnormal labor, illegal actions of third parties; kidnapping animals.

Insurance of civil liability of the insured to the 3rd parties covered by the infliction of harm to property and life, health of third parties as a result of ownership of the insured animals.

Insured sum is calculated due to:

  • In property insurance from 10 000 UAH. to 750 000 UAH.
  • Insurance of animals: cattle, horses till 7 000 UAH.; small cattle – to 800 UAH.
  • Liability insurance -2000, 5000, 10 000 and 20 000 UAH.

Franchise: All types of insurance in the Program are insured with 0% * franchise. Reducing of the insurance rate is possible if you use franchise for insurance of property and animals.
* In the case of complete destruction of the property franchise -3% of the insured sum for the group property.

The insurance rate is calculated:
• If the property insurance from 0.25% of the insured sum;

• When insuring animals from 4% of the insured sum;
• When liability insurance from 0.75% of the insured sum.

Benefits of Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”:
• Ability of comprehensive property insurance + animals + responsibility at a better price for the Insured, a discount of 10% to 15% for property insurance;

• If the insurance liability of the insured animals + 10% discount on the insurance of animals;
• Insurance terms provide for a simplified procedure for security without an inspection of the property; without issuing a list of property and application for insurance;
• Insurance provided as a free installment payment (two payments);
• With presentation of pension certificate of Insured, a discount of 5% of the fare;
• 24 hours service information by the number 0-800-500-123

In each case can be calculated individual rate in accordance with the Insurance Regulations.

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