The program “Rent-Package”

Voluntary property and liability insurance
The “Rent-Package” is used in case of insuring the leased property.

As according to the current legislation of Ukraine, namely the Law of Ukraine “About lease of state and municipal property” and RCMU number 150 of 14.02.2001 “On approval of the issuance of the fire safety authorities permission to start the work of enterprises and rental of premises’ insurance under this program is mandatory for tenants of state and municipal property (Art. 10 and 24 memory) and newly established enterprises (which starting out) to get permission to start work (art. 6 RCMU) in the case of violations of fire safety rules.

Insurers: legal and natural persons – tenants leased premises (buildings) on the basis of the contract of lease.

Beneficiaries: legal and natural persons – owners of the leased premises (buildings), or any person who is given the power to insure and receive the indemnity owner of the property by executing power of attorney. In the case of an insured event the landlord has the right to opt out of receiving insurance compensation in favor of the insured, subject to the Insured themselves duly executed commitment to bring the leased property to its original state, within the actual cost of restoration work, but not exceeding the sum insured.

When insurance of civil liability to third parties beneficiaries are third parties who caused the damage.
Insurance accepts:

Premises, buildings with the following purpose:
• Office and administrative (services), commercial, residential, industrial including
Inalienable utilities and interior and exterior trim (repair) and equipment.
Insured risks:

Basic, mandatory coverage (FLExA):
• Fire, smoke from fire,
• Damage to water from automatic fire extinguishing systems in a fire,
• lightning,
• The explosion of steam boilers, gas storage facilities, vehicles and other devices running on compressed air or gas,
• Fall of aircraft.
Additional coverage (optional Insured)
• Natural disasters (tornado, hurricane, storm, landslide (shifts), mudflows, floods, rain, hail, subsidence, flooding groundwater, falling trees, rocks, earthquakes);
• Effect of water (water damage) of water, sewerage and heating systems, flooding from adjacent premises.
• Illegal actions of third parties (IATP) of damage due to: bullying, theft, robbery or robbery, mayhem or vandalism.
In case of civil liability to third parties understood the Insured causing damage due to violations of the rules of fire safety to the planned activities to address these violations of the risks:
• damage to property of third parties, which is owned by third parties on the property.
• harm to life or health of third parties.

The insured sum can be established on the basis of: certain lease contract value of the property, the carrying value of property act to independent experts, the market value of the property. The limit of liability of the Insurer to the internal / external finishes and equipment 20% of the insured sum.
The insured sum according to the insurance of civil liability to third parties selected by the Insured, and can be from 5000 UAH. to 300 000 UAH.

Franchise is 0%. It is possible to reduce the rate by increasing unconditional franchise.
Benefits of Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”:

• The lessee has the ability to obtain the necessary insurance coverage under one contract of insurance: to insure the leased property at the same time (in the complex) or separately from its liability to third parties.
• Ability comprehensive property insurance + liability at a better price for the Insured, a 5% discount on property insurance.
• Terms programs include the use of 0% franchise for insurance of the property and / or responsibility.
• The insured sum can be installed at the market value of the property, and on the balance sheet.
• The policyholder has the opportunity to choose their own package of insurance risks that are needed to cover the leased property, and at the full package of insurance risks, the base rate is reduced by 20%.
• Qualitative advantage in the settlement of cases the onset of the civil liability of the Insured to third parties is a pre-trial (voluntary) settlement of losses (only by written agreement with the Insurer).
• Possibility of payment by installments.
• Bonus for non breaking and insurance continuity of property, discount from 3% to 10%.
• Round the clock customer service information on the number 0-800-500-123.

Insurance rate: depends on the value of the insured property, the selected deductible amount of insurance coverage and can be:
– For the leased property – from 0.28% of the insured sum;
– For liability to 3rd party – from 0.43% of the insured sum;

In each case can be calculated individual rate in accordance with the Insurance Regulations.



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