The program “Gospodar”

The insurance program provides coverage in urban areas of your property from damage and / or death and neighbors liability.

Insurance company “BROKBUSINESS” provides:

Insurance protection of your property from damage / destruction;
Insurance coverage for civil liability to the neighbors;

Insurance accepted:
• Apartments, houses, cottages (including summer kitchens, garages and other outbuildings);
Separately or together with the dwelling can be insured:
• Finishing (repair) including: windows, doors, wall coverings, floor, ceiling, etc.
• Movable property, namely, electronic and household appliances, furniture, furnishings, personal belongings, etc.

Baying agreement “Gospodar” your property will be insured by a full package of risks:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • Natural disasters (tornado, hurricane, storm, landslides, mudflows, floods, flooding, rain, hail, subsidence, flooding groundwater, falling trees, rocks, earthquakes);
  • Water damage due to accident of water-supply, sewage, heating, fire protection systems and liquid penetration from neighboring premises;
  • IATP, illegal actions of third parties (ruffianism, theft, robbery or robbery, mayhem or vandalism);
  • Hitting withmoving equipment;
  • Civil liability to the neighbors: Insured causing unintentional damage to property of third parties as a result of: fire, gas explosion, water damage due to accident, water-supply, sewerage, heating and fire protection systems.The insured sum is set separately for each group of assets in the amount from 30 000 UAH. to 5 million UAH. depending on the group of insured property (dwelling, trim and movable property).
    The program provides franchise 0.5% (but not less than 200 UAH.) Of the sum insured in case of damage of property and 3% of the sum insured at full destruction / loss of property. At insurance without inspection establishes a temporary deductible 7 days, during this period, losses not compensated.
    The insurance premium under the contract depends on the value of the insured property, the age of the building, selected conditions of insurance, the amount of insurance coverage, the presence / absence of security funds and fire safety and the selected deductible.Benefits of Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”:
    • The policyholder has the option to choose from: insure all property group at the same time (in the complex) or any of the groups listed property separately. In complex property insurance (living room + repair + movable property), the insured receives a considerable discount.
    • In property insurance with civil liability to the neighbors, the insured receives a 10% discount on property insurance.
    • Terms of insurance of civil liability of the owner of premises do not include the use of the franchise.
    • The policyholder has the discretion to choose the list of insurance risks that are relevant to the type of property.
    • Insurance terms provide for a simplified procedure for security without an inspection of the property; without issuing a list of property insurance applications; without filing an application for insurance.
    • Unconditional franchise, which is used in property insurance, the insurance amount is determined by each group of assets, rather than the total value of the property, which significantly reduces the amount of the Insured’s own participation in damages ;.
    • If security funds and fire safety at the place of insurance policyholder gets a discount of 5% to 27%.
    • Ability to provide quarterly installment payment.
    • 24 hours service information by the number 0-800-500-123.

    In each case can be calculated individual rate in accordance with the Insurance Regulations.

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