Voluntary property insurance

This type of insurance provides insurance protection of your property from damage and death due to a full package of risks.

What can be insured?

  • Apartments and homes;
  • Buildings and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, airports;
  • Machinery, equipment and tools;
  • Wealth (including – raw materials, semi-finished products);
  • Goods that are in use;
  • Material values, which are made by the Insured;
  • Property received by the Insured as a result of contracting relationships;
  • External equipments: windows, stained glass, mirrors, advertising signs, billboards, window glass.

We offer the following insurance programs:

The program “Gospodar”
Provides coverage in urban areas of your property from damage and / or death and neighbors liability.  Detailed

Provides comprehensive property insurance, liability for animals and villagers and townspeople living in the private sector.     Detailed
Provides comprehensive property insurance and liability insurance is taken where the leased property (including interior and exterior trim (repair) and equipment) as well as third party liability.    Detailed
Provides insurance inventory items, namely, raw materials, semi-finished products, components, finished goods, goods in stock on the trading floor of goods in circulation (trade).     Detailed
Страховая компания Брокбизнес