Property insurance while traveling The Program “Gospodar: on vacation”

BROKBUSINESS” Insurance company provides:

  • The insurance cover during your vacation from damage / destruction of your property and your neighbors’ property;
  • During the vacation you can insure your own apartment, cottage, or dacha, summer kitchen, garage and other outbuildings;
  • Separately you can insure only the repair and / or chattels (electronics and home appliances, furniture, interior);
  • If you buy the program “Gospodar: on vacation” your property will be insured with a full package of risks:
  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • Natural disasters (tornado, hurricane, storm, landslides, mudflows, floods, flooding, rain, hail, subsidence, flooding groundwater, falling trees, rocks, earthquakes);
  • Water damage due to accident of water-supply, sewage, heating, fire protection systems and liquid penetration from neighboring premises;
  • IATP, illegal actions of third parties (ruffianism, theft, robbery or robbery, mayhem or vandalism);
  • Hitting with moving equipment;

Insurance risks in civil liability to the neighbors:

  • Insured causing unintentional damage to property of third parties as a result of: fire, gas explosion, water damage due to accident, water-supply, sewerage, heating and fire protection systems.

The benefits of insurance in the “BROKBUSINESS” insurance company:

  • Only now you can insure your responsibility to the neighbors with 5% discount;
  • We appreciate your time. The representative of the insurance company will prepare documents in 15 minutes without an inspection at any time convenient for you;
  • An opportunity not to worry on vacation, even if the insured case happened: any of your relative may inform about the accident with a phone call 0-800-700-123 to 24 hours information service;
  • The Program “Gospodar: on vacation” is a unique trouvaille for customers who spend all their time at work and on business trips;
  • For retired people the Company offers to insure their property during their stay in the village, cottage, on vacation with 5% discount;
  • Unique bonus: when insurance is for 1-3 months period the company increases the duration of the policy to 7 calendar day more for free.

Relax in safety. “BROKBUSINESS” insurance company provides protection for your property.




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