Personal insurance for transport

Personal insurance for transport is possible in the obligatory and voluntary options.

Obligatory insurance against accidents on transport on the basis of “Regulations on Obligatory personal accident insurance on transport”, that have been approved CMU Resolution of August 14, 1996 N 959.
Protects passengers of rail, sea, inland waterway, road and electric than inner city, during the trip or stay at the station in the port, the station, the marina, as well as drivers – employees of transport enterprises regardless of ownership and types of ACTIVITY directly employed in transportation (drivers, drivers and their helpers, guides, Chiefs (supervisors), train electrical engineers, conductors, employees dining cars, mechanics, workers health teams).

Insured are: passengers with the announcement of boarding the sea or river ship, train, bus or other vehicle until the completion of the trip; drivers only service time of the trip.

Voluntary insurance against accidents on transport is carried out under license and Insurance Regulations of Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” against the risks of injury, disability, death, or the death of a person is insured as a result of an accident during his stay in the vehicle.

The insured sum can be mounted on all vehicle (all passengers and the driver) for lump-sum system indicating the limits for one person, or by the system places on each insured location (passenger and / or driver) of the vehicle.

The cost of insurance varies from 0.2% to 1.0% depending on the list of insured risks, the volume of  insured sums, the insured persons and the selected insurance system.

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