Payment of more than 400 thousand UAH for a little finger

Insurance company “BROKBUSINESS” paid insurance compensation under the international travel insurance contract in the amount of 413 916.60 UAH.

The insurance case took place during a private trip to Iceland in Reykjavik. The insured person was injured while working at home, resulting in a household injury (an open wound of a finger). The injured was urgently provided with the necessary medical assistance, including surgical treatment. Upon returning to the home, the injured person received an insurance indemnity within the shortest possible time. The amount of the insurance payment was UAH 413 916.60.

Recall that the existence of an international comprehensive insurance policy for traveling abroad is one of the documents necessary to cross the border to most countries of the world. Also, in many countries, you will not receive medical care without insurance, and the insurance policy for traveling abroad guarantees that you receive the necessary assistance 24 hours a day in any part of the world.

Insurance Company «BROKBUSINESS» is Ukrainian national scale company working in the insurance market of Ukraine since December 1993. The main shareholder is JSC «Closed non-diversified corporate investment fund «Cascade-Invest» (Ukraine) – 50%, other 50% belong to legal entities-non-residents.
The regional network currently has about 50 branches throughout Ukraine. It has 39 licenses, 20 of which – voluntary, 19 – obligatory insurance.
Since 2009 the company has had the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Since 2011 the rating agency «Expert Rating» awarded Insurance Company «BROKBUSINESS» as one of the highest ratings of financial stability in Ukraine according to the national scale on «uaAА-», the level which meets «A-» rating in the international scale which is confirmed quarterly.


Страховая компания Брокбизнес