Over the past week from November 13, 2017 to November 17, 2017 was paid 1 180 025.92 UAH

According to the operating results of Insurance company «BROKBUSINESS» 70 claims were paid out totally amounted to UAH 1 037 988.42 on Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability and Motor vehicle insurance policies for the period from 13.11.2017 to 17.11.2017.

26 insurance claims were paid out according to Motor vehicle insurance policies (CASCO), total amount was UAH 418 761.96.

Other 44 payments were made for Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability policies (CMTPL), amounted to UAH 619 226.46.

And also it was paid out 2 indemnifications on voluntary Property insurance policie, totally amounted to UAH 142 037.50.

 «BROKBUSINESS» Insurance Company is Ukrainian national scale company working in the insurance market of Ukraine since December 1993. The main shareholder is JSC «Closed non-diversified corporate investment fund «Cascade-Invest» (Ukraine) – 50%, other 50% belong to legal entities-non-residents.
Regional network currently has about 50 branches throughout Ukraine. It has 39 licenses, 20 of which – voluntary, 19 – obligatory insurance.
Since 2009 the company has certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Since 2011 the rating agency «Expert Rating» awarded «BROKBUSINESS» Insurance Company as one of the highest ratings of financial stability in Ukraine according to national scale on the «uaAA-« level which fulfills «A-« rating in the international scale.
Страховая компания Брокбизнес