Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” is an official insurance partner of the Championship of Ukrainian National Youth Football League 2015/2016 season

The Championship of Ukrainian National Youth Football League 2015/2016 season has started from 18th of June 2016. The young sportsmen will be covered by Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” this year. Ukrainian National Youth Football League signed an agreement with the Company accounting a background experience with other sports organizations.

The final matches of the Championship will take place in 5 cities of Ukraine such as Uzhhorod, Morshyn, Sumy, Odesa and Lviv. There will be compete 40 teams from all over Ukraine at 5 stadiums of the country. The age of young sportsmen is from 14 to 17 years. Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” will provide a personal accident insurance for all footballers who compete for champion title. According to the policy all members of football teams will be covered against personal accident during the competitions.

Andrei Goreltsev the First Deputy Chairman of the Board admitted: “The insurance doesn’t prevent from an injury but an insurance indemnity helps you to get it over quickly without any cost loading. If it is an accident happens at a match the injured child won’t be left without support, can recover quickly and come back to the sport life.”

The Company considers as its honorable mission to support sports organizations, sports attractive events for youth, promotion of healthy lifestyles and the general sports cultivation in Ukraine.

Insurance Company «BROKBUSINESS» is Ukrainian national scale company working in the insurance market of Ukraine since December 1993. The main shareholder is JSC «Closed non-diversified corporate investment fund «Cascade-Invest» (Ukraine) – 50%, other 50% belong to legal entities-non-residents.
Regional network currently has about 50 branches throughout Ukraine. It has 39 licenses, 20 of which – voluntary, 19 – obligatory insurance.
The Company is an official insurance partner of Football Federation of Ukraine, International Fencing Federation of Ukraine, FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro and cooperates with Ukrainian basketball federation, WAKO (World association of kickboxing organizations) Ukraine, FC Karpaty.
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