Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” is an insurance partner of Federation Automobile de l’Ukraine

Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” and Public organization Federation Automobile de l’Ukraine (FAU) have agreed to mutually profitable cooperation and signed an agreement on cooperation in providing Comprehensive insurance support and coverage for motor sport

FAU took into account the Company’s experience with other sports organizations where Insurance company “BROKBUSINESS” frequently acted as an insurance partner at various sports events and had a goodwill as reliable and responsible partner who could provide with a full range of high-quality insurance services for motorists and motor sportsmen.

Insurance company “BROKBUSINESS” will ensure proper insurance coverage for all motor sports competitions held by FAU and provide full range of high-quality insurance products on exclusive offer to all members of FAU.

The parties will promote information about FAU and the Company’s activities and will take part in “Road traffic safety FAU event” and “10 Golden rules of FAU” popularization.

The mutual social events will be aimed on a following of traffic safety instructions and a prevention of resultant emergencies.

Federation Automobile de l’Ukraine (FAU) is a public organization. Founded July 2nd, 1992. It unites citizens who carry out various activities in the field of motor transport, sports and tourism, defending their rights and interests in accordance with the directions of activity of FAU.Be attentive to all road users as not only your life but the lives of others will depend on that.
Insurance Company «BROKBUSINESS» is Ukrainian national scale company working in the insurance market of Ukraine since December 1993. The main shareholder is JSC «Closed non-diversified corporate investment fund «Cascade-Invest» (Ukraine) – 50%, other 50% belong to legal entities-non-residents.
Regional network currently has about 50 branches throughout Ukraine. It has 39 licenses, 20 of which – voluntary, 19 – obligatory insurance.
The Company is an official insurance partner of Football Federation of Ukraine, International Fencing Federation of Ukraine, Ukrainian basketball federation, WAKO (World association of kickboxing organizations) Ukraine, FC Karpaty, FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro.


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