Documents of the driver, vehicle registration certificate

Voluntary insurance contract documents driver provides compensation for losses (expenses) of the Insured (the driver) associated with repairing the (re) insured lost or damaged documents, they could not be further use what happened as a result of such cases (risk):

  1. Fire, explosion, lightning strike.
  2. Natural phenomena (tornado, hurricane, storm, landslides, mudslides, flooding, flood, rain, hail, subsidence of ground, flooding of groundwater, falling trees and rocks, earthquakes).
  3. Damage with the water.
  4. Illegal actions of third parties (hooliganism, theft, robbery, burglary)
  5. Hitting with moving equipment / cars.

The driver’s documents include: driver’s license, identity card to the driver’s certificate of registration of the vehicle, the temporary registration card, etc. (List of documents consent of the parties in accordance with applicable law).

Insured sum is established by agreement of the Parties. The insurance rate is 2.5%.

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