Cars for storage

Voluntary insurance, designed to protect the vehicle in a well-defined place of its location, namely in the garage, in the parking, in the parking space, in the showroom, on the catwalk, during exposure to exhibition or elsewhere. Provides compensation for losses incurred by the Insured due to damage, destruction or loss of the vehicle due to the occurrence of such cases (insured risk):

  • Fire, explosion, lightning.
  • Fall of aircraft devices.
  • Natural disasters, such as: storm, hail, hurricane, storm, squall, typhoons, tornadoes (tornadoes), flooding (flood, mudflow), the shift of the soil (talus, landslide, landslide and avalanche), earthquake, falling trees, stones.
  • Water damage from water supply, heating, sanitation and similar systems, as well as water flow from adjacent premises, including water damage from sprinkler and deluge systems.
  • Illegal actions of third parties (hooliganism, theft, robbery, mayhem, vandalism).
  • Hitting with moving equipment / cars.
  • Abduction (misappropriation) of the vehicle.

Basic insurance rate for insurance against all risks is 1.13% of the insured sum.
During the term of the contract vehicle can be operated in the normal mode, but will be reimbursed only losses that were inflicted at the place of the car of the contract.

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