A case according to Motor Vehicle Owner Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance (MVOO CLI).

1.Call the “BROKBUSINESS“ Insurance Company’s Call Center   by phone 0 800 500 123 (free from any phone line in Ukraine), follow the instructions of the operator.

2.Call the competent authorities to the accident place if the accident can not be executed using euro protocol (carefully read the instructions) and call the an ambulance in the case if there is harm to life and / or health of the accident participants.

3.Please, contact the office of the insurance company for the purpose of filing a written notice of The insurance case (Alert about the harm to the life / health of third parties) within three business days.

Prepare the following documents before coming:

  • The original or a duly certified copy of the insurance contract;
  • The certificate of the vehicle registration;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Passport;
  • The identification number certificate;
  • Documents issued by representatives of the competent authorities;
  • In addition, the document confirming his powers to the authorized insurer representative. Other documents at the request of the insurer.

4.Give the damaged vehicle to inspect.

ATTANTION!!! In any case DO NOT repair your car before submitting a written notice to the insurance company and the inspection of the damaged vehicle with the insurer representative!

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